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Safety starts with you! Safety starts with you! Safety starts with you! Safety starts with you!

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- How to be secure and safe when you're up high!

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Every year many construction site workers are killed or injured as a result of their work and the work they are asked to carry out by employers.  Last year there were 42 fatal injuries to workers in the construction industry alone.  The average age of the construction worker who is fatally injured is just 46.9 years old. This figure suggests that it is not young apprentices to the construction industry who are unaware of the risks but experienced persons who are particularly at risk.

It is easy to believe that accidents will always happen to other companies and will never affect you. However, unless you can, as an employer recognise your own vulnerability and potential risks then, as a result of the decisions you make on a daily basis, decisions that are often made by others on your behalf, your employees and their families may experience the unnecessary injuries, pain and suffering that so tragically affect the industry year after year. In addition to this legal and moral duty, there are financial implications that accidents and ill health within the workplace can have on a company such as yours. The business case for improving performance is absolutely clear.


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